Friday, April 8, 2011

stort story

Every morning is pretty much the same for me, waking up to the alarm, lay in bed for another ten minutes listening to the birds outside my window.
But today was different. It started out the same, I awoke to my alarm and laid there, but this time I didn’t hear any birds, or any cars driving, or people talking, no kids playing or crying. This was very strange. Jumping out of my bed, I flew to my window to see empty streets and silence in homes.
My brother was usually home at this time, so I opened my door to see where he was.
“Max, come here.”  I shouted, but no one answered. Again I called out his name, but not a sound.
This was scary now, WHAT WAS GOING ON, bursting my brain as I screamed in my head.
I’ve heard about this before, when some higher power comes and takes the good people and leaves the sinners.
Throwing on my clothes, then grabbing my car keys, and driving over to the nearest church. I heard noises inside. So I walked in and there was a packed church inside. Some of the people I knew, others I didn’t.
I asked someone what had happened but all they did was shake their head and show a picture of their family asking,
“Have you seen any of these people?”… “No, I’m sorry I haven’t.” I responded.  
Then I saw people handing out papers, I grabbed one only to see there was hand written storied and passages from the Bible.
I asked the man, “Why don’t we just look through the real Bibles?”
The man looked at me and said, “They are all gone.”
I saw this in a movie once before, and remembered my family always talking about the end of time when God would come and take his people. I didn’t want to listen to them and just leave it at that.
Then later on closer to this day, there was something in my head telling me, listen to your family change your life around look at what your doing with your life.
I wasn’t sure how, where, or who was saying this or putting this in my head. But I knew something needed to be changed with my life.
As I sat in the church on the old wooden seats I heard loud screams outside. All of us ran out from inside to see what was going on. There it was a huge red faced beast with long nails and horns stood there breathing at us, as we all bunched up together.
“what is that?” people shouted out with cries.
“Is this the end of the world?”
“Is the beast going to eat us?” People were asking each other.
Going deep into my brain trying to remember what my family was saying to me about this day to come. There is was, I remembered. God gave us all a chance to live on this earth and to live for him and try most hard to not sin, Jesus died on the cross for our sins but we still had to repent. I remembered my mother saying that to me.
Then I remembered my father telling me about how there would be a time of test. God would take his saved people and leave the rest on land. God would test the humans on their actions and anti-christ would come and trick people out of believing there is any kind of God. At first the anti-Christ would be nice and generous, then turn around and torture anyone who wouldn’t listen to him. He’d rip them piece to piece.
After a while God would see who has changed and never listened to the anti-Christ. The people who truly repented of what they have done in their lives.
God would come back down and take the ones who showed they changed. 
The rest of the others would stay with the anti-Christ and they would be his to keep and do what ever.
I didn’t believe my family before, but now I was living it. NO, I screamed, I was left behind and God was testing me. I’m so scared God, please help me! Bursting those words in my head for God to hear.
But I knew it was too late I had to prove myself to God that I am a true Christian and I will change.
Then all of a sudden I wake up in my bed and everything is back to normal, birds singing and cars driving outside. My brother was home, what was happening I thought to myself. Then I turned around and on my table laid the bible and a paper next to it. The paper read
“Here is your chance, change yourself before I come for real.”
 Tears came spilling out of me, and I dropped to the floor.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

D.J. creative writing class review

           In the beginning of "creative writing" class i was there just to get my credit so finish school early. as class went on i really started to like how everything was structured. i loved the fact that there were no papers to write and hand in, or homework to hand in hang written. Everything was on the computer, I loved that part. Mr. Krebs gave us instructions on everything very well and if we didnt hear him or we werent in class that day, all we had to do was go online and see what the class did that day. Also what was one of my favorite parts was that, Mr. Krebs was a very understandable teacher i got along with him well and we could always work something out if my homework was running late or i was behind and having some trouble. There arent a lot of teachers out there like him.
          The class this quarter was interesting and fun, but at the same time some of the things we had to do werent my favorite. one of the things i dislike writing about is science-fiction stories they are just not my cup of tea. i would rather have written about something else. also the short story wasnt too bad but i would have rather gone back to the poems and continue them. (but hey, you gotta learn and try new things right)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

d.j. worst time eating

one time i went out to eat with a few of my friends this summer. everything was going great until we sat down and our server came up to us. she saw that we were teens and figured that we wouldnt leave a tip or a good one lets say. we had an attitude the whole time and and when we all finally got our food it was already cold and i wasnt even in the mood anymore. also lets say it wasnt the best food ive had, or even OK food....
still to show her, i decided to leave a good tip and leave nicely. but i went up to the manager and told him about the whole situation... turned out that she was fired that same day. i felt kinda bad but she got what she needed !!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D.J. my own restaurant

you opened your own restaurant. Tell the name of your restaurant. Explain what the restaurant looks like, who works there, and what you serve.

welcome to the ravish stone, we are a five star restaurant. Always to exceed peoples expectations and our food is to die for. the newspapers say we are " like nothing they have ever seen before, and would tell everyone to come try it out". Inside the place there are granit floors designed like the versace style. the tables are made of real wood polished, stained and then varnished. there are real diamonds hanging down with the lighting on top.

story to be continued......

Monday, April 4, 2011

D.J. my crazy husband

I sat there in my rocking chair, watching my husband pound on the creature under our rug. He was using the chair that his mother gave him on the day we got married; she new I hated that chair. For 50 years that chair stood in the livingroom watching every move id make. it was like his mother was in the room watching me. then finally when the poor little creature crawled into our home and under the rug it went, my husband screamed like a 4 year old girl. he then pretended it never happened and grabbed the biggest thing next to him and killed that poor little creature. Luckely the chair was gone too. it was in little parts and could never be put back together. the next day all i could do is smile the old mother-in-law was gone and out of my life. the two of us lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

D.J. over spring break

over spring break my family, boyfriend, and I went to Cancun Mexico. My family stayed at one resort, while my boyfriend and I stayed at a different resort. the weather there was amazing. The sky was the prettiest blue Ive ever seen and the water was a perfect color. During the evenings though it would get pretty windy so I would dress a bit warmer. On one of the days it was my moms 39th birthday, so the two of us went over to my moms resort and spent the whole day with them. we went out to the beach and pool, over ate at every meal. I also had snacks in between. I mean come on, it was all inclusive why not right. towards the end though i was getting really sick of the food they were serving. it was the same thing except one thing changed at every meal. on one of the other days all of us got together and went to Tulum and xelha to explore. Tulum was where the whole story of 2012 being the end of the world began. it was very hot that day, i would stop at every spot that had shade. Xelha was a fun place, we went snorkling and tubing down a river. I saw the most interesting fish with very unique colors. At Xelha everything was also all inclusive. The food there was amazing, it just melted in my mouth. I loved it. the chicken there was so good, i could eat it every day. My boyfriend was excited since the drinking age was 18 and everything was inclusive, so he got his money worth. I couldnt since im expecting a baby girl, so at times it got old when everyone was drunk.

Monday, March 28, 2011

D.J. point of view of a spoon inside a dishwasher.

Smash there I fall from the greasy human hand, all wet and germed up into the dishwasher. I love this place its like a spa for us spoons. We spoons dont mind the knives and forks joining us. But we hate when the other dishes get too close to us. we are not the best us friends, just acquaintances. Once the human hands close the door to my spa, we spoons get to relaxing. Every one speads out and waits for the water to come and wash us down. then comes the soap and we get nice and clean. when ever the humans put good soap in with some extra moisture cream in we love it. Its better than a massage id say. its an all over spoon massage and then some. once we get all dried out, the humans open the door and carry us to our home. we lay to sleep and wait for the next hand to come grab, and use us as their slaves.